Pomodoro Clock increment and decrement issue


I am having issues figuring out how to start a timer as well as increment and decrement. Getting the timer from 00 seconds to counting down 60 seconds and decrease one minute after every 60 seconds.Thus far i only displaying the 25 minutes in my chrome browser.I am new to most javascript concepts. Any help will be appreciated.

<span id="get"></span>
var minutes = 25;
var seconds = "0" + 0;

document.getElementById('get').innerHTML = minutes +":"+ seconds;
 function timeDecrease(){
 minutes = minutes -1;


The Pomodoro clock is an advanced Front-end Development Challenge, so if you’re new to most JavaScript concepts, you might want to go through the Free Code Camp map and finish all the JavaScript algorithm challenges listed at https://www.freecodecamp.org/map first.

Once you get more familiar with JavaScript, look into the setInterval() method for creating your countdown timer function.