POMODORO CLOCK - Just Completed and Request FEEDBACK

Here is the link to my pen.

Thank you for taking the time :slight_smile:

Just a suggestion: It’s good UI practice to change the mouse cursor when the object underneath it is actually clickable.

Right now, it’s not obvious from your user interface that the “–” and “+” are clickable. The mouse cursor even changes into a “text input” – which is totally wrong.

The Reset and Start button have the proper mouse cursors.

To add more visual feedback that the “–” and “+” are clickable, you can change their color to match the “Reset” and “Start” blue colors, and/or use a brighter color during mouseover.

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i tried it out although i have not completed this project myself it seems to work! i tried it for a one minute session and one minute break. when placing my mouse over the plus and minus sign to change the time i would prefer it as a user, to change to the “hand” rather than the curser. great job!

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Maybe I’m missing something, but if I open up the pen, and I adjust the time and hit start, it starts but with the default time. I have to hit reset to get my chosen time? That’s either not working correctly or is a confusing interface.

And it’s being a little picky, but when I increase/decrease numbers, as the number moves from double to single digits (or vice versa) the number jumps slightly to the side - I think it should be centered in that div. Or at least lined on the one’s column. But centered would probably be better.

I’m a little curious about the code:

  $("#increaseSession").click(function() {
    var newSession = parseInt($("#sessionLength").html()) + 1;
    if (newSession > 600000) {
      newSession = 1000;


  $("#increaseBreak").click(function() {
    var newBreak = parseInt($("#breakLength").html()) + 1;
    if (newBreak > 600000) {
      newBreak = 1000;

Where you expecting people to select 600,000 minutes? (More than a year.) Were you maybe thinking in milliseconds at some point?

But everything else seems nice.

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