Pomodoro Clock Mysteriously Failing Only One Test!

I’m only one single failing test away from my front end libraries certification!

My Pomodoro Clock only uses React & Font Awesome (I have a bootstrap CDN in there but I didn’t use any bootstrap).
Here’s my Pomodoro Clock + testing suite on Code Pen:

As far as I can tell my clock works perfectly but the testing suite claims that when the timer hits 0, the audio doesn’t play:

    1. When a countdown reaches zero (NOTE: timer MUST reach 00:00), a sound indicating that time is up should play. This should utilize an HTML5 audio tag and have a corresponding id=“beep”.
      Timer has reached zero but audio is not playing while it should.: expected true to be false
  • AssertionError: Timer has reached zero but audio is not playing while it should.: expected true to be false

But in all of my testing, in every scenario where the timer hits 0, the audio plays reliably. No matter what I do I’m unable to produce a scenario where the audio fails to play.

What makes this scenario more difficult is the fact that the testing suite takes over 5 minutes to run, so I can’t simply tweak random little things and then run the testing suite to try to workaround whatever is getting the test bundle’s knickers in a twist.

Making projects that work perfectly is easy but freeCodeCamp’s testing suite is going to haunt my nightmares for the rest of my life.

When I test your timer, the sound does not play until the next break or session starts. When it gets to 00:00 nothing happens and then it shows the full time of the next session or break.

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Hm I didn’t realize I had it set to only activate when the timer switches between session and break… I thought it would call and play the audio tag the moment the timer hit zero. I’ll try moving the audio function to make sure it’s only contingent on the timer being zero & it doesn’t wait for the switch…

That worked thank you!!!

In normal operation there was no way for the timer to reach 0 without also switching between break & session, and I thought the way I had it set up the tag would play the moment it hit zero.
I just made a useEffect hook to watch for the display time to reach 0 and then play the audio tag.

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