Pomodoro Clock - Please Test!

I’ve completed my Pomodoro Clock project (though I plan to make some aesthetic improvements). Testing and comments would be greatly appreciated!

Mrthnmn’s Pomodoro Clock

Hey Bruce,
Good job, some aesthetic improvements will help…
Also there is one minor glitch - changing duration of timers affects main timer when it runs…

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Thanks todorone! I’ll look at fixing that glitch.


Very nice work on the clock! I think a UI facelift would probably offer the greatest improvement for the user. I also found an inconsistent bug that I thought was interesting: After the clock is started, if you change the work time to decrease it, the clock face then speeds up, as if time has accelerated, however, the digital clock at the bottom does not change either it’s value or it’s speed.

Keep up the great work!


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Thanks Kyle! It does need some work on the interface but I want to get it working perfectly first so thanks for pointing out the problems with the clock face.


I think I’ve got everything right now, though the clickable areas on the + and - buttons are small for mobile:

Pomodoro Clock (CodePen)