Pomodoro clock project 'done' but fails 12 (of 29) tests!

I’ve reached a weird point in my work on the Pomodoro Clock project. I’ve done everything I planned/wanted to do to make it work and I’m happy with the design and the features I implemented, but unfortunately, the project doesn’t pass 12 of the functionality tests in the FCC test suite.
I’m guessing the failures have something to do with something fundamental that I’m doing in, perhaps, an abnormal or unexpected way, but I cannot determine what that could be. Tests claim that features aren’t working, but they work perfectly for me. So as much as I wish that I could make progress on this by myself, I do believe I need help now to figure out the issues that are causing these failures.
If you’ve got time to help, please take a look at my pen:

ps. on further thought, I would have liked the timer to work on mobile/ipad but it isn’t working right now as it should… (so I guess I didn’t really implement everything I originally wanted to)

This looks cool, i have yet to reach that stage

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Thanks, i worked hard on it, but still need that extra set of experienced eyes to help me over the test suite hurdles.

solved it. Had to move my ids around and that got it working!
(and I also had to switch out my textareas to divs. Sadly the test suite uses innerHTML to check the code and that’s why my textarea ‘value’ setup wasn’t working)