Pomodoro Clock - Would appreciate any feedback or suggested improvements


Your clock functions well and smoothly and it seems responsive! Couple of recommendations to improve the accesibility and visuals:

  • Combining red and green makes page difficult to read for color blind people. I’m not very familiar with how they recognize colors but for what I have understood, some of them might not see those green arrows on red background.
  • Maybe add some visual sign that indicates that the arrows and buttons are clickable. For example cursor changes to pointer when it’s over them.
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Thanks for the suggestions :slight_smile:

I thought about changing the arrows anyway, but got distracted trying to learn how to create an arrow shape in CSS. I hadn’t thought about colour blind users though, I need to keep that in mind next time I choose colours.

Fabulous!! Well done—it’s a little bright, but very nice and well made. Kudos

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