Pomodoro in theory and without practise 3:)

I’m starting this project today and if I am supposed to do a Pomodoro clock I’ve asked myself what is this supposed to do? a a start and break timers for what? And I went to Wiki

A break time? maybe for advanced pomodoro users, I think it would make much more sense to take notes about when and how you were distracted by something else … also the lack of information about what a user is supposed to be doing is something I don’t like to see in such a specific app/page.
Or maybe I am wrong, and in your country this is something so common everybody knows about it? am I looking at the wrong information? well I doubt wiki is wrong.

Most likely I’ll be doing this in my own language (Portuguese), and include a text input for the user notes … ignore bootstrap and make my first animated Canvas attempt.

Best regards,