Pomodoro not passing user story 11 but works when I try it myself

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The test for my Pomodoro clock clears all tests except for user Story 11 (about resetting the clock when the reset button is pressed) but when I try it myself it works fine. I wonder is there is something I need to do for the test to actually see that it’s been properly reset.

Default timer label was not properly reset : expected ‘Break’ to equal ‘pomodoro’

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Check the code: https://github.com/LazaroFilm/pomodoro
Check the app: https://lazarofilm.github.io/pomodoro/

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Challenge: Build a 25 + 5 Clock

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useEffect is asynchronous, the tests might be executing faster than the state is being updated. You could try using useLayoutEffect instead, which is synchronous.

I did not test it, if that fixes it the problem is with the speed of the tests. A user won’t notice using useEffect which is recommended for most uses, but this might be a case where you need useLayoutEffect to pass tests.

Thanks That’s what I thought. The way I ended up doing it is adding a rule to the onClick action to directly change the label when I hit the reset button and that worked since that’s not asynchronous. Would be extrafluous for a normal app, but got around passing the test.