Pomodoro React-Route => Brain-Spin

I would be very grateful if anyone can give my project a quick look–I can’t see what’s wrong! Here’s what I observe:

  1. If I start my timer, it functions as expected.
  2. If I press restart while my timer is running, it functions as expected.
  3. However, if I press ‘star/stop’ again to ‘stop’ my timer, the timer seems to keep running “behind the scenes” causing buggy behavior.
  4. I assume that my logical errors are associated with pressing the ‘start/stop’ button while the timer is running and so that puts the problem area around line 94 of my code. The problem is I can’t understand where I’m erring.

Question: can anyone suggest a route for solving if the problem is clearer for them? Also, would you suggest that I better organize my project component-wise?

Thanks for your time!

One thing that stand out to me is that let startVar declaration in your constructor.

Pretty sure you should be doing something like this.startVar = null if you want to initialize it there.