Pomodoro review


I really like the use of FlipClock and the slider. Nice touch! I think it would be better if the sliders would give you immediate feedback as to how much time is being selected. Also, the clock’s animation seems broken - instead of animating fully, it just looks dark for a second and the new number fades in. I thought it might be Safari because Safari is a maverick with a mysterious past and nothing to lose and doesn’t play by the rules, but the clock on FlipClock’s site works just fine.

Otherwise, it looks fantastic! Well done!

hmmmm… the feedback from the slider selection shows up on the clock face itself for whatever is selected. So i guess i don’t exactly see what you mean. I do see flip animation while the clock is counting down so again, I don’t see the issue.
But thanks for taking the time to comment!!

It does show up, but only after I let go. Sorry, I should have been more specific. When I’m moving the slider, I have no idea how far to move it to get where I want, so I have to guess. Updating the text areas with the grey backgrounds as the slider is moving would help that. If you’re feeling like simplifying the design, you could get rid of those smaller time boxes altogether and have the flip clock change as the sliders move.