Pomodoro tests timeout - Timeout of 5000ms exceeded - Example fails tests as well

If you click my name there is an option of “Message”

Sry for spam people, but GiaFill007 - I might be blind, I dont see that option, write to me first then on fcc, I will try to help :wink:

I feel you, I think we all do, but If you want some help with this u can reach out to me on discord if u have account there ( @Burzychs ) or via email <removed by moderator> - I’ll be glad to help :wink:

i tried adding u but it needs 4 digit no. as well.
I am also having some trouble with clock project.

I finally got it!!! For some reason CodePen when you press Tidy JS injects a space on text so this:

<h1 id={this.props.id}>

became this:

const time = this.state.minutes + ":" + this.state.seconds;

<h1 id={this.props.id}>{time}</h1>

Also, this:
if (this.state.minutes === "00" && this.state.seconds === "00") {
became this:
if (this.state.minutes === "00" && this.state.seconds === "01") {
Can’t believe it was CodePen’s fault all along…

great work. congrats

can you help me with my project now? thanks