Pomodoro Timer For Mobile And Desktop - Feedback

Can you please give me feedback on my Pomodoro timer? The more detailed the better.

  • There is a light/dark theme.
  • You can set the number of 30 minute sessions you want.
  • Once below 5:00 minutes the numbers change color.
  • There is a sound to notify when the timer starts and when the break starts.

Try it on your desktop and smartphone.
Does it function they way it should?
What would you do to improve it?

Here is the link:

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Looks nice! I noticed that when I click reset and then start the countdown becomes bugged.

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@ryanwaltmurray What do you mean? Can you explain more? I did not notice any buggy behavour.

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So I’m using it on an iPhone 7plus with chrome FYI. When I click start the first time, the timer works okay. But when I click it a second time (even without clicking reset), it seems to start another timer in parallel. Then the timer starts blinking back and forth between the two timers. For example, if the timer was at 45 and I clicked start, it would then blink quickly between 44 and 59 a second later. Not sure exactly what it could be, but perhaps an if statement when start is clicked to make sure the timer isn’t already running.



Okay, thank you for the detail. Now, I see what is happening. And what is better is, I know how to fix it. Clicking the ‘START’ button more than once will cause setInterval to run a second time overlapping the first iteration.

The problem has been fixed. The ‘START’ button is disabled while the timer is running.

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