Pomodoro Timer not passing all tests

Apparently there is some script error when I run the FCC tests. Could someone please help? Here’s the link:


I believe your issues have to do with the timer running out of time. Most of your error messages have the following NOTE:

“timer must reach 00:00”

I let your timer run down from 1 minute and I never saw “00:00” displayed. Maybe it happened so fast I didn’t see it? And I didn’t hear any beeping either.

Also, after the initial countdown ends and the break countdown starts, the pause and reset buttons stop working. Pause won’t do anything at all and reset will briefly show “25:00” and then immediately resume counting from where it left off.

I think you’ve got some functionality issues to deal with. Get those cleaned up so they meet the requirements of the user stories and then get back to us if you are still not passing all the tests.