Pomodoro timer not passing tests

Hello! I’m trying to complete the last challenge in the Front End Libraries certification. For some reason, there are some tests that fail, even though the app does what the requirements say when I test it manually. I was hoping I could get some help on the forum.
Here’s the working example and here’s the code.
You can check the failing tests on the link provided.
Thanks in advance!

I haven’t looked at the code. But I would start by using the old render method. If that doesn’t help try downgrading to React 17. React 18 is an issue for the tests.

If that doesn’t change anything, the bug is likely in the code and not an issue with the tests.

Thank you for your response! I am also using redux, and decided to use the new recommended way, with redux toolkit… do you think this could also be a problem?

I don’t know of any issues related to using Redux or any other state management lib. I would be surprised if there were.

State management libs are used for organizing/orchestrating state changes they don’t really change how the actual state works behind the scene, that is still just React.

Thanks! It was definitely the logic, I changed some things and now it passes most tests. I’ll have to rethink this through!

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