Pomodoro Timer with React & Redux - Feedback Appreciated

Hi All,

I finally finished the Pomodoro project using React & Redux. This was my last one of the front-end libraries projects, so I’m now able to claim the front-end libraries certification! :partying_face:

It took longer than I thought since I tried several different approaches to managing the side effects and refactored it a couple times to improve the organization of the logic. I learned a ton about Redux in the process though! :smiley:

I’d greatly appreciate any feedback you have, and any suggestions on how I could make it better.

Code: https://github.com/tmonks/pomodoro-timer
Live app: https://tmonks.github.io/pomodoro-timer/


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Congratulations! I like the animation, just one minor thing, it looks like the animation completes before the timer is finished (I tried it on 1 min for work and 5 min break). I don’t think it’s a big deal, but in a professional environment, I imagine it would be better to leave a style feature like that out if you can’t get it working properly.

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Thanks @TaraBryn! Good point. I thought that was because of the stroke-linecap rounding, but even when I removed that it still looks like it completes a couple seconds early. I’ll keep playing around with it. Appreciate the feedback.

Okay, I fixed it. The math was a little bit off; I needed to calculate the circumference based on the inside of the stroke-width, not the outside. It ends exactly on 0:00 now. Thanks again @TaraBryn for the suggestion.


Great job! Your project is more Mature than mine. But when viewed on a mobile device in a horizontal position, the bottom button does not fit completely.

Thanks @injashkin! Good catch. I’m not sure offhand why it doesn’t at least let you scroll. I will definitely look into that. Appreciate you taking a look at it.

Nice job on yours too! I like the compact design.