Pomondoro clock- Not Passing despite working correctly

Hie, in need of your help campers. Pomondoro clock seems to be working but failing the test. Where am i missing guys. Thanks in advance. Here is the link https://codepen.io/michaelnkomo/pen/ExYBOpw

I guess the main problem in your app to pass the tests is, that your “real” start-button has the id="start". Your use of the button with the id="start_stop" is only for pausing and to continue the clock.

As far as the test is concerned, it doesn’t know about your id="start" button - so the test can never start your clock! You can see that your clock doesn’t run during test execution - which it should.
Try giving your start_stop button the ability to initially start the clock as well and see what happens.

Second: strangely after test execution, the break-decrement button doesn’t seem to work (only starts again after pressing the incrementing one) -> there seems to be a problem somewhere

Hope this helps :slight_smile: