Portable Code/Text Editor

I am looking for a text editor to store in my mail and execute in windows without installing.

There are any portable text editors or I should try to program in the developer tools of the browser?

Thank you all!

I use the dev tools with workspace enabled.

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If you mean a web based text editor I recommend one of the following:



Plunkr provides the full HTML/CSS/JS interface, whereas repl.it provides one language at a time. There are others of course.

I would also recommend repl for using online. Some text editors along the line of SublimeText or Notepad++ have portable versions that you can run off of a usb stick.

Not an online text editor, I plan to work on a pc without other than the mail service and without admins privs.

I really like Textadept.
From the the official site:

Textadept’s binary packages are self-contained and need not be installed. No administrator privilages are required either.

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I’d go with SublimeText. :slight_smile: