Portfoilo Page Project... Cant find the Failure


In my project the footer disapeared after i create the contact section… i tried to delete everything i changed but the footer doesnt work anymore. Can someone help me out?

Thanks for Help


And also i want to know how to insert other pictures??? Because i dont have pictures on the web to represent, bur i have some screenshots local. Its not possible to upload screenshots to codepen isnt it?

If I remove position:fixed the footer appears.
On codepen you should not use body or html tags. These get added by codepen.

For pics you need a pro account. Try uploading to an online service like flickr or dropbox.

thanks for your help

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How is it possible to set the positions of the Links in the navbar on the right side?
i cant finde solution that works. thank you

Try floats: https://getbootstrap.com/docs/4.0/utilities/float/