Portfolio 2.0 rough draft version

Just want your thoughts :slight_smile:

great start. work on using the full width of the screen and making it responsive.

I would also consider displaying everything on single page which you can scroll through all your sections vs every section on seperate page.

Is it not responsive? In what way?

my apologies, i just assume it wasn’t based on the home page after a certain breakpoint it’ll default to single row of items. i had my browser on full screen.

that being said it still needs work.

I think I understand what you’re saying. The featured projects on the homepage is only one column of cards and there is a lot of whitespace off to the right. This happens on monitors that are more then 800px wide.

That was intended since I’ll be adding an aside div that will have raining business cards using parallax. Just havent got around to it.

I like what you have so far. Perhaps it might look better with the content centered? It actually looks nice the way it’s currently aligned, but the right side of the screen feels a bit plain, so maybe another column of the project images could add substance.Also, either a simple colored background could help or a background image; unless, you’re going with a white/black scheme. If you do use an image, try adding opacity so your main content still stands out.

I’m not a ui/ux pro so please take my opinion very lightly. Good so far though!