Portfolio and advice

Hi guys,

I’m here to share my portfolio in case there are some recruiters lurking around. I hope it will inspire you guys building yours. It’s not perfect by all means, I’ll work on it after I’m finished with projects. I’m working on big projects so I can impress recruiters, so it will be a while till I get back into working on the portfolio.

portfolio: https://jorgemouta.herokuapp.com/

I had a few unsuccessfully interviews so far, even that I have a solid knowledge about the whole Fullstack spectrum, my flaws are theoretical questions.
Most tutorials focus on showing you how to do things and little on the theory behind it. That can be kind of “trap” since on an interview you will be bombarded with theoretical questions. So my advice is, while learning, take time to read theory, know how to answer questions like “what are closures?” or “what is functional programming?” your answers might determine if you get the position or not.

I’ll be releasing soon (on medium hopefully) and list of key questions so we can all improve as programmers.

I wish you all good luck on job hunting, stay positive and keep grinding :wink: