Portfolio and Project feedback

I have recently re done my portfolio again. I am still not confident in showing it off, but I have already started applying for things. I believe it is time for me to take some criticism so I can improve my work.

Thanks in advanced,


My Portfolio

Github Repository

Both your links direct to your GitHub page

Wow, that is embarrassing. Thank you for catching that. Updated. The links should work correctly now

Looks good :slight_smile: My only suggestion is to remove cursor: pointer; from your artwork because it is kinda misleading.

Also add overflow-x: hidden; to body to get rid of horizontal scroll.

In my opinion you should change your font and first line hello world remove that such things are not wrote on portfolio

I like your portfolio, @bookofbash ! I think you could take the “hello world” heading and make it centered on the page, because right now it is the only element on the whole site aligned to the left.

Also play a bit with other fonts. I think this one is looking way too standard. Try to find a prettier one, more sleek, and play with letter-spacing, line-height and word-spacing on CSS. It makes a huge difference!

It is a good page.I think the art section would look appealing if you provide a opacity transition on mouse hover.