Portfolio and Tribute Page Projects - comments and suggestions welcomed!

Hello Campers!
I’m a newbie here and I’ve just completed the first two projects - Portfolio and Tribute.
I’d love any and all feedback!

Portfolio: http://codepen.io/comma64/pen/RKpQPX
Marie Curie Tribute https://codepen.io/comma64/pen/ggLqOM/

Thanks for having a squizz

Both Tribute Page and Portfolio - very nice and visually appealing!

One thing I would recommend for Portfolio is fixed navbar , it will be easier to navigate.

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Hi there! I really like your portfolio page! Looks appealing! I am newbie also. Lets keep up the good work! Tribute page is nice as well, but there is only so much you can think of for yiur first project, right?

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Great suggestion @pankaja-shree - thank you! I’ve now fixed the navbar to the top of the page.

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Hi @jkamardina - thanks for the feedback! Great to hear from another newbie - keep up the good work!!!