Portfolio - Any feedback would be great

Here is the link to my portfolio - uploaded to github


Any feedback would be greatly appreciated

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I like the fact that the bio isn’t a massive blob of text, but well formatted bullet points in cells. The color scheme is nice, and everything else seems to work. Consistent font + color design makes for great design.

Just one caveat, the navbar text is a bit tiny for me to read comfortably. I’d recommend increasing it a little bit.

Hey. I agree with @imtoobose above, although i really like the font for headers, its a bit harder to read on the navbar and in the P tags.

Also I don’t think your social icons are quite align,

Responsive works great!

Thanks for the comments - I have now made the text bigger on the nav bar and the p tags and have aligned the social media icons.

Very nice and clear, the typo have the right size.