Portfolio assignment

Im trying to do the portfolio project. Its fails at ‘portfolio tile’. I looked that up and there is no reference to it. I do see a portfolio title. Is that what its referring to?

User Story #4: The projects section should contain at least one element with a class of project-tile to hold a project.

the user story wants a class of project-tile, not title

so a project tile is a grid for what youre going to make responsive?

the user story just wants the element that contains the info and/or image about your project to have a class of project-tile, each .project-tile element should be about a different project

ok - i think. i never saw ‘project tile’ during class- -it was not in any section i did, not on youtube, or in my books. I cant find it anywhere. ill figure it out

it’s just the name of the class that is required to use by the tests, it has no special meaning.
You just need to use that class name for those elements.
If you want to review the theory, look up css classes

thats what im doing now. thank you for clarifying that.

good night. thanks for responding this early in the am

timezones… here it was 12:34 pm when I answered