Portfolio/Blog site feedback appreciated

Hey all! I recently made a portfolio site and blog using wordpress.com. While it freed up the aggravation of making everything from scratch at the time , I’m having a hard time with being limited by themes, and having restricted customization options available. I’m going to start working on a replacement from scratch soon, but I wanted feedback on the content that’s already there, both the blog and main site. What works? What doesn’t work? The site is here

I was going to write you to say that your site only has your name on it… until I realized that you actually had content but it was hidden below the screen height!

I think you gotta fix that! When someone clicks “About Me” (or any of your other nav links) they expect to see something more than your name and your job. Scrolling down past the viewport height to see this info was completely unexpected! (I mean, it is fine for the Home link to only show that, and in fact, that’s good, but the rest has to be fixed).

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Yeah, that is a MAJOR problem with the current version. Hearing that spoken out loud is helpful is pointing out exactly what bad UI that is. I wonder if I can fix that before the rehaul, because that is pretty disruptive. :confused:

I don’t think not fixing this is an option if you want to give out yout portfolio to anyone.

Yeah, you’re right. I don’t have the time for a refactor, I need to burn this theme down today and replace it with one that has a landing page less wide than the state of Montana.

Hmm. This change is a bit more plain, but that hero image is taking up a lot less space: https://mscaveney.wordpress.com/

i’m sorry I actually liked the old one better because at least it looked like a web dev portfolio.
Isn’t there a way to make the sections that start towards the bottom come up higher on the vertical axis?

No, because Wordpress. I think I might be better off slightly refactoring my FCC portfolio (https://codepen.io/dylanesque39/full/MXrawj/) to include my non-FCC projects, and popping that up on Netlify or something. It would seem that any work you “save” on wordpress you pay for in site inflexibility.