Portfolio - Brutal Feedback Please ;)

I am completely new to HTML, CSS and jQuery . My first website was my tribute site. I “borrowed” some code from online to create the grid for my portfolio.

I would really appreciate feedback so that I can improve my skills.

Thank you :slight_smile:

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It looks fine, but the text is a bit slow to fade in. I thought the site was broken at first.

Thank you, I will fix it

When I click the links I don’t get anything? Just a bg-pic on some links.

@mikael1000 Thanks, which links do you mean - the pictures in the portfolio, buttons?

All of my links are supposed to be to google drive files/folders

not that it will change anything visible or practical in your Portfolio, but if you use CodePen Analyse HTML, Analyse CSS and Analyse JS (using each API their respective Lint).
It’s a good practice to know these warnings, if you don’t follow them at least you will be aware of them; or may have chosen a different solution for it.
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I click the links in the top menu bar. When I click i don’t get anything?

Thank you! I didn’t even notice that feature until you mentioned it!

What about on this site:

Does it not work on this either?

It works but the hover effects are crazy to much. I like the look of the other site more. Can’t you just fix the first so it works?

In the new site I don’t like the colors, I don’t think they match. But that’s just my taste, maybe others like it?

I appreciate the help that you have been giving me. Thank you!

Yeah, I got very carried away with animations…

This should be the last draft :smile:

I love how your page looks. But you need to start using DRY code. Don’t Repeat Yourself. Look at your code and think what you can combine in a single div or make it an ul and put it in the same div. Start with your navbar, can you avoid making 2 ul’s for it? Also /br does not need an opening tag. If all your “down arrows” have the same style you should not target them by ID, use a class. But overall, great look and concept. Once again though follow the DRY rule, if you find typing the same ting over and over see what you can do to avoid that.

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