Portfolio Challenge already?

I’m a newbie. I finished 116 or 117 challenges and now it is saying I need to create a portfolio. I’ve noticed that others who are doing this already have several projects they’ve completed. I haven’t done any projects yet so my question is, is it normal to finish the jQuery introduction challenges and go directly to creating a tribute web page (done) and then the portfolio challenge next?
And also it says rule #1 is don’t look at the source code on the challenge. Does that mean I’m supposed to know how to do this at this point? Or am I supposed to search other websites to find it out?
Thanks for your help.

Your portfolio doesn’t have to be perfect. They don’t want you looking at the source code because they don’t want you just copying and pasting without understanding why you’re using those lines of code. You definitely can. You won’t be disqualified or anything. It’s just a preference. Just remember their three pieces of advice. Read. Search. Ask. The whole internet is open to you. Search other websites. Go back through the earlier challenges. Ask for help here. We all started at the same place. Your portfolio may be a bit rough, but as you advance in FCC, you can always go back and make it better. I hope this helps.

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Ah cool @EvillePanda thanks. I don’t want to copy and paste. I just thought looking at it might give me an idea of how to create some of the effects.
It makes sense about going back and making changes later, that must be why some portfolios show a list of projects already completed. I haven’t completed any yet.
Thanks again.

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What effects? A great way to learn is to see a site you like, and maybe you see a hover effect that creates a drop shadow… you think maybe it’s a CSS effect, so…

So go to google and search… “css hover effects drop shadow”…

and start reading .

Implement your idea, and THEN peek at the source code and see how the sample project did it.