Portfolio Challenge, Any Feedback please : )

Hi everyone!
I just finished my portfolio and any feedback would be appreciated : )
I used some new techniques so if it looks bad and/or could do without please let me know.
Thank you so much in advanced : )

  1. Contact section need not be that large.
  2. Animation can see some improvement and Baize color ( i m sorta color blind) is not the way to go.
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@rjsh927 thank you so much for the feedback! I was trying to match the color to the color on my picture. Is there a website that you recommend for colors or a color that you think would work?

I use this site to select colors

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Thank you, this helps a lot :smile:

BTW, if you don’t mind , why image of prehistoric goat? ur star sign?

Its a Petroglyphs from the area I’m currently living. One of the areas of interest I have is in learning about ancient people and cultures, which ties into my own Native American heritage. One of the amazing things to me is the way things were communicated from generation to generation with these types of petroglyphs, as such I look at them as a form of “human source code”.

Wow nice to know this.

wow, this resizes itself very very well

Thank you, although I have to give some of the credit to Bootstrap :smile: