Portfolio Challenge Feedback Please

Hello all,

I am trying to finish the personal portfolio challenge and am having an issue when my page gets smaller. Some elements are disappearing and going down and i guess being hidden behind the lower section. You can see this in the top section, the § element “a developer in training” disappears once you get to a certain window height. I’ve put in some media quieries which I think are helping (honestly kind of tried to remix the ones from the example page), but I can’t figure out what to do.

Any help is welcome…

Also I know it’s plain-ish but I’ve seen some comments about the point of the tests is to emmulate the example so I’m going with that this time. So this will not be my final portfolio :slight_smile:

Edit(disregard the Java I’m just using it as a clipboard)


Thanks again

The only way I can make the “A Developer in Training” text disappear is to make the height of my browser very short. The reason it disappears is because you have the height of the welcome-section set to 100vh, so it will only be as tall as the view port height. If the view port height isn’t tall enough then that text gets cut-off at the bottom. You might consider setting a min-height on that section so that it never gets short enough to cut-off that text.

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So that did work as far as keeping that section to a particular size. I think my issue is coming from my h1 not getting smaller when the screen does like the h2 does in the project section. I’m not sure why that one is behaving differently than the h2 in the contact section. Same with the navlist it stays the same size