Portfolio Challenge - Please review and give your feedback

Hello Mates,

I have done portfolio challenge. Here is the link:

Please try to open in full page. I am still working on responsiveness. Please review it and revert back with your feedback.

Thank you,
Kalpesh Patel

Looks good and seems like it works responsively.

Ideas for improvement:

  • Keep your classes semantic, or at least don’t misuse classes that are explicitly semantic. Unless you’re implying there’s something dangerous about clicking your “git” link, it shouldn’t be class btn-danger.
  • Keep alignment consistent. If you want your main images centered, they should all be centered. If you want them aligned left, they should have the same distance from the edge of the viewport as your headings and paragraphs.
  • I’m not too familiar with Font Awesome, but Git has a non-text logo, as does Github. Assuming this would be a link to your Github account, use the Github one (the Git logo could be a link to all sorts of things).