Portfolio - Charissa

Any feedback will be greatly appreciated?

Can you also suggest how to improve the media queries?



I see that you are using em units for your breakpoints, which is a very good thing, you are already on the right path to effective media queries. What I would suggest is that instead of using max-width to set them you use min-width. Do the following:

  • Narrow your browser as skinny as it will go and then style the page (without using any break points) to look good in this very narrow width. This will be your base CSS starting point.
  • After you have it styled for the narrow width then gradually widen your browser until you feel you have enough horizontal room to rearrange elements for the wider width. This will be your first break point (set it using min-width and em). Then add the necessary style changes under the break point for this wider width.
  • Repeat the step above, continuing to widen and add additional break points as needed.
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Hey, guys could you review my portfolio?
Here is the link

@ajayboro7277, you need to start your own thread if you want people to review your portfolio.

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Looks super cool. I like how simple and elegant it is. I’m wondering if maybe your name should be larger font-size than the text blurb right after. Just a thought, good work!

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Also I might add text above your codepen projects that says ‘My Work’ or something like that - just for clarity.