Portfolio Code Challenge. Looking for constructive criticism

Hello! I just completed my portfolio code challenge and I’m looking for some constructive criticism. The about me section is just some text I threw up. I’m not capable of any of that yet! Ha!

This is the first thing I really tried to attack on my own. I’m a beginner.

I feel it’s too basic. Just too… plain. And I like minimalist design, but this is lacking something. So any design thoughts are welcome.

I used bootstraps. I’m not sure I like bootstraps. I’ll probably stick with media queries next time.

Here is my portfolio. https://codepen.io/MNate8/pen/rLvVjY

Thanks for your time fellow campers!

Full size it dose everything it should and looks fine … its when the screen is resized there are problems … eg just make the screen half width and the about text escapes the container if 3/4 width image escapes the container
Also the the links to about contact and profile drop out of the header.

I’m not sure how to fix the about text coming out. As the screen gets even smaller it pops back in. I might try a custom media query. I’m really stumped though on why the nav links come out of the header. They shouldn’t leave their container.

Thanks for taking a look thought.

change wed to web in nav-bar header

I like your portfolio. For your first project, I thing you did really good.
I’m a beginner myself and only just finished my portfolio, but I’ll try to give some constructive critisism nonetheless:
Maybe you can try to improve your design by choosing different colors or a different typo.
If you eg. choose a font on Google Fonts ( https://fonts.google.com/ ), there are suggestions of fonts that go well with your selected font and there are many sites (eg: http://www.colorhunt.co/ ) that suggest color palettes that go toghether well, also.

Well, that was embarrassing. Thanks though!

Thanks. I’m working on some bugs with the responsiveness of it now. I think I fixed the nav bar from popping out of the header. I had the header set to a specific pixel height so it wasn’t expanding to allow the nav bar to move down.
Next I’ll look at replacing some fonts. That probably will go a long way in changing the style. Thanks for the suggestions!

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had another look see you made a change to the header but still not working properly eg stays in container now but not sizing down properly … reason being you have section containing your name set to col-md-8 and section containing about profile contact set to col-md-4 … this really needs to be the other way round … also should look at when the screen is less than 50% width changing the about contact profile into a drop-down list that drops into view when someone click a button in the navbar
it looks like to me a media query in bootstrap is causing your text to overflow at 50% screen size … that what i see when i look at your page in the developer tab.
And the down side to you change the nav height is when screen is smaller the nav bar get bigger hiding your … About me and what can i do for you.
keep up the work it will be worth it.

If the container or container-fluid class is added to the first division elements, that takes care of the text overflowing. Ex:

instead of:

It may help to make the navbar collapsable.This tutorial is helpful, along with many others on the site: http://www.w3schools.com/bootstrap/bootstrap_collapse.asp

Thanks for all of the guidance! This community is really awesome! I’m going to keep working on it. Maybe I’ll post it again after I get all of these bugs worked out.