Portfolio CodePen Project

What’s good freeCodeCamp? I’m back again! After getting feedback, and checking that my first Portfolio page wasn’t even responsive, I decided to rework my portfolio page.

What’s new?

  • Replaced Jumbotron with Carousel/Interaction
  • Added Social Media and Github links in footer
  • Rounded my profile picture
  • Responsive web design by implementing Bootstrap 3.3.7 Framework
  • New fonts from Google Fonts
  • New About Me section
  • More Font Awesome Icons to add more personality to the website :ok_hand: :fire: :bomb:

What Sucks?

  • Couldn’t get smooth scroll to work so the nav is very jumpy.
  • Contact me form doesn’t work…

Anyway WITHOUT A FURTHER ADO (did I spell that right?) HERE’S THE CODEPEN LINK!!!

If you got the time to drop some feedback, let me know! I love you! :heart:

Looks pretty good to me, but if I was being picky, I might make the navs a little smaller. I would also make the bottom nav one line high so it gives you more space for your content. eg.

Contact: (Business info here)

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Thanks for the feedback, I’m gonna get to that right away!

The UI/UX Image in services is not working! Also I dont see a submit button below contact form. Yes contact form wont work, I dont think codepen allows that. Still trying using target="_blank" and try agian.

Overall your portfolio is super cool!