Portfolio Complete! Please Critique

I have finished my portfolio and it has taught me how much more I still have to learn! For one, I couldn’t figure out how to make the thumbnails equally sized regardless of whether they had an image or not.
Although Bootstrap is very helpful, I think I’ll need to build some things with CSS alone to really get a grasp of that.


Hi, I had a chance to look over your Portfolio page. Not bad at all. As far as lining up the pictures, maybe you can use a div with a class of “row”? That’s what I did at least. Im still working on mine. http://www.w3schools.com/bootstrap/default.asp has a lot of great info that. I’ve been utilizing their site a lot on the Tribute project and the Personal Portfolio project. Keep it the good work!

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Very nice job so far!

My suggestions:

  • You could try working on making your website mobile friendly. For example, you could change your navbar to a clickable hamburger icon(just like the one on this forum, lol). Also, you could make your portfolio items stretch the entire width of the screen on mobile screens.
  • Design-wise, you could try limiting your color scheme to 1-3 colors. Paletton could help you in making a decision! I recommend a monochromatic or triad color scheme.
  • Perhaps you could spice things up a little bit by adding icons! I recommend trying out FontAwesome

Overall, great job man! Keep up the awesome work!


Thanks! This is a great resource that I will be looking at. I was having trouble finding a place that simply laid out what Bootstrap does and how to make it work. I’m excited to see how yours turns out! Mention me so I can check it out.

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That’s a great idea; I was trying to minimize the amount of elements I had open and the hamburger icon is the solution. Thanks so much for the encouragement!

@jinrawx, Paletton is awesome, I just discovered it thanks to you.

@snknights - where it came to understanding the fundamentals of Bootstrap I found this playlist very helpful.


No doubt. I’ll send you a link once it’s finished.