Portfolio Completed(materializecss framework): Feedback is appreciated :)

Hello, guys, I finished this 2 weeks ago. Take a look, critique to your heart desire, Don’t hold back (I already show it to my special cohort friends but I will still share it here.
:slight_smile: My Portfolio

Notice: Anyone that using Materializecss Framework and having any problems that want help, just message me or reply right here and I will get back to ya soon as possible I might able to help, I’ve been playing around with it almost a year now.

Wow, looks great! The color variations and font style is very attractive! I think you did a great job with spacing everything out and putting the “flow” together. Keep up the good work! :slight_smile:

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Totally agree with @michaelhenderson, awesome portfolio! The only thing I noticed, is that the “to top”- button is not always on top of everything.

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@michaelhenderson @BenGitter Thanks for the nice comments. You won’t believe me but I’ve been doing this since in august this year. :joy: It was a hell and heaven experience but worth it.

@BenGitter Yes, that’s one thing I’m yet have to fixed thanks for pointing that out :slight_smile:

z-index: 100; should work, I suppose.

I just noticed that there is a link to a blog section?

@BenGitter Yes, it’s coming soon :). I’m planning on using Jekyllrb to build my blog maybe in a few weeks from now. And thanks gonna try that now. :thumbsup:

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@P1xt Whoa, with that coming from you, means a lot to me. I know you got some, Serious Samurai Critiquing Skills. I was expecting to have some bruises and cuts. lol :head_bandage: :joy: I guess today is my lucky day, Thanks :slight_smile:

@P1xt I am a big fan also :). Thanks for the comments.

Pretty impressive! Now this is coming for a newbie with about two whole days of experience but I really liked the spacing and color combination. I have a lot to learn!

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@leishrene Thank you for the kind comments. That’s okay your journey just started, keep on pushing ahead and before you know it, you’re making awesome websites :smiley: