PORTFOLIO DONE: Feedback on project!

Hey guys, so i’ve just completed the portfolio challenge, took a few weeks but i got there in the end :slight_smile: , thought i’d share the finished product and get some feedback. There are little bits and pieces that could use tweaking, it fulfills the user story and i’ve just put placeholders images in place of the projects images and profile image. I have some issues with the social icons responsiveness, as its not aligning how i want on smaller size screens, and the same for the jumbotron

, but i just can’t seem to figure out how to fix it, and i would just like to move on now to a new project. If you have any solutions feel free to chime in.

Hey honestly nice job. Simple, works. My only suggestion is just to try some colours that match well together. The blues don’t do it for me. You can try a tool like https://coolors.co
But yeah good job!

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Thanks! that theme generator is a lifesaver!, i was honestly thinking the same thing about the blue,spent ages deciding on the colours but just couldn’t decide which colours to go for, definetely gonna have a look at that

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