Portfolio done. Finally! Did I miss a design class somewhere? Feedback appreciated!

A very frustrating two weeks for sure. But it is finally done and I would greatly appreciate any and all feedback. The design part was even more frustrating than the coding part. What the heck do I know about design? Nada :frowning:

At one point I completely started over from scratch because there was something wrong with my code about halfway down the page. Could not figure it out so I just started typing everything that I knew was correct. Redoing it was really helpful and I went a lot faster the second time around so it gave me a confidence boost that I am actually learning. So YAY!

Any and all criticism is welcome.


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Great job, your perseverance really paid off!

The one thing you might want to tinker with is the point the nav links jump to.

When I click ‘About’ I see this, which shows the ‘About’ heading being cut off by the nav bar:

The same happens with the other links. A little padding / margin should fix it.

Yes I know what you mean about design - it’s a talent / discipline of its own! Design never been my strong suit. I figure I will just keep pushing to get somewhat better at it - after all, as a full stack developer we are going to have our strengths and weaknesses.

I think your portfolio looks great overall. The complete color scheme is nice ascetic, the grey scale / black and white tone.

The only 2 things that really stick out to me is the “Social” link on the far right of your navbar, its right up against the side of the page and looks a little “off” to me (but that’s just my taste); and the collapsed navbar button not working when you click on it (but that’s just a functional thing).


I saw that with the links as well. I tried adding margins and padding but I just could not figure out the right place to add it. Will try again and see what happens.

I read somewhere on stack overflow that you did not want to fix this using margins and padding because this would change the design on different screens or something along the lines of that. Then it was mentioned that this should be fixed using jQuery? Any thoughts on that? Which is the better, or should I say more professional way to fix?

I agree with you on the “Social” in the navbar. It kinda irks me and plan on trying to nudge it over a little.

Also, as far as the collapsed navbar not working that’s really frustrating. I had this issue to begin with and found a fix here in the forum. They said to change JQuery to before bootstrap in the settings list. I looked at my settings and bootstrap was listed first so I switched them and made JQuery first in the list. This fixed the issue and the collapsed navbar worked. For a while then it stopped. I thought I might have accidentally changed it back so I fixed it again. And now it magically switched back - Again.

Am I missing something in the settings that can lock the order of the list in place?

I think everything is fixed now. The navbar labels are nudged over so there is more room between “Social” and the edge of the page. I changed jQuery back to first in the list and the collapsed menu is working now and I made is so when you use the links in the navbar the navbar doesn’t cover the top of the section. I ended up using JS to fix that because I just couldn’t get the margins to cooperate. Don’t think I fully understand how the JS code I used worked so back to learning more JS.

Thanks for all the feedback guys!!

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