Portfolio feed back please

Thank you :slight_smile: I am working on make it small. Keep you posted. Appreciate you feedback :slight_smile: Happy coding :keyboard:

Woww… I haven’t noticed that. If I can give you badge of Detailed :eye: :wink:

Thank you for your time and feed back. I am working on them.

Happy coding :keyboard:

Thank you @swayman01 I’ll give it a go.

Looks really good! I would only reduce the size of the social icons in the footer. Just my opinion. Keep up the good work!

Hey, Monika! Your website is fit for desktop and mobile, which is great. Only thing I’m not sure about - font color for ‘work-company’ class. I feel like clicking and visiting this company’s website, because it’s very close to default link colors.

Hi Monika, I love the design, it’s clean and tidy. In terms of English, I use https://app.grammarly.com/ - it’s very helpful.


Ohh yea. I didn’t noticed that just randomly choose color and typed in to make it different. I’ll make it correct.

Thanks for your feedback.


We are all here learning to code well. The English grammar is less important right now for persons whose English language its not the first one for the text content.

Thank you @adzika
I have add grammarly add on in my google chrome. Much easier and very cleaver tool.

Yes. You are right. Our first goal to learn code here. But I wanted to proficient in everything I am going to use. I loved the way follow camper support each other.

I am also looking forward to make lovely friends too.


Hey, just wanted to say, your typography for this page is excellent. Clean and simple, but with a little twist of character, and thoughtfully chosen weights for variety rather than too many fonts. Nice job!

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