Portfolio - Feedback appreciated!

Hi campers,

I have collected all of my projects that I have done so far on FCC and post them on my portfolio so if you can check it out and give me any feedback, I would greatly appreciate
Thank you in advance for any help !

I looked at some of your projects and your work is really quite good! You have a good eye for design and how different elements fit together in your code. The problem is that your portfolio doesn’t build upon that fact. To put it plainly, there’s nothing that encourages visitors to click on the links and check you out. You can garner more interest by giving visitors a small taste of your projects with thumbnails of those projects. Instead of a generic “visit link” button, how about a screen shot of the site’s landing page? The same for the generic Front End Web pic, etc. That should be your work we see, and it deserves to be seen.


Hi Rob,

Thank you very much for your feedback. I was debating between having screenshots of my projects or having just a generic picture ;

My part was "if I give them a “view” of my project, will visitors then click on the project considering they have already seen it ?

I might be wrong in my observation but I will definitely look into it.

Once again, thank you for your feedback.