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Hey All,

Please take the time to look at my portfolio and let me know what you think! This is built using GatsbyJS.



I am currently 30 years old and work as a Store Operations Manager, I’ve had 10 years of management experience. I however know this is not an end all be all. My passion has always been in programming. Since 7th grade I had made bots for Diablo 2. I miss those days! Gaming and skateboarding consumed me so my education was out the window. Bad choices and no guidance has led me to never finish a degree. However those life experiences are valued. My wife finally was like, go learn and let’s get you where you want to be. August 26, 18 I found freeCodeCamp. It easily has the best learning platform and if I do get my career you best believe I’ll be supporting FCC until the day I die!

Appreciate all the time from the devs that made FCC.

Thanks for your time and feedback,

Allan Wakefield-Olson

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Love the backstory Allan! I love the dynamic transitions it really makes your website fluid.

My only gripe from a visual point of view would probably be your Resume tab. The page seems rather unorganized with your “open portfolio” link and “download pdf” link. I’d also try and make your headings under Education a little more distinct.

Keep on keeping on my friend :sunglasses:

Thanks! I know the issues with the pdf. The download isn’t quite working proper. There is suppose to be a portfolio image of me which will push the stuff down with a grow effect! But I don’t have any good portfolio images yet!

I have a 3 year old myself which is why school definitely isn’t an option at the moment!

Thanks for the kind words,


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Oh I hear ya. I have a 9 month old myself. School may not be viable at the moment, but there’s plenty of free resources out there. You’re doing great keep it up :slight_smile: