Portfolio Feedback (danielsportfolio.co.za)

Hey Guys,

I’m looking to move to Amsterdam and have been applying for various design positions. Please have a look at my portfolio and let me know what you think (be gentle)


Thanks in advance!


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@Danielde77 Here is my opinion.

  • I suggest removing a few sections from your page. It appears as if you are doing too many things. You have “logos”, “graphic design”, “print design”, “web design”, and “corporate I.D design”. I think that you should focus on two or three skills that you do well.
  • If people are not gentle you can get better feedback, because people will be less afraid to make comments and suggestions. You will just have more to pick and choose from what you want to listen to.
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If the “web design” images were links, it could be so much better. Great portfolio, 10/10 would hire.

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BTW, how’d you get a web domain? I try to get one for my portfolio, all of them cost money.

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To get your own domain, you have to pay. That’s the way it works.

alright, just a teen trying to learn here, guess i can’t do it.

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You can host it somewhere for free though with services like netlify.com

It just won’t be your own domain.

Oh ok, thanks :slight_smile: Guess that’s what I’ll do after I test it on Codepen.io.

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The domain you’ll get is something.netlify.com (with the obvious replaced)

Netlify will give you a randomly generated name like the above- example purple-boy.netlify.com but you do get the option to rename it to something else of your choice. Bonus point is that Netlify is free. :slight_smile:

Some places offer domain names for cheap. Mine only cost 25.00 (for 1 year) but that is under a web host I went with (small company not a big corp one like GoDaddy…).

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@brandon_wallace Thanks for the feedback, I’m reluctant to remove too many things as I don’t have a lot of agency experience, and I would rather portray myself as someone with a range of talents… That way I may Appeal to a wider variety of job opportunities…?


@RyanHuang06 They do work, but I think some browser block the popup… I will look into that though… maybe the links need to be popup modals…

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@RyanHuang06 You can use freenom.com to get a free domain name for your website. However, they do have some very low cost (less than 10 US dollars) domain names available and you will have more options.

@Danielde77 In my opinion, I would lean towards removing any weaker projects from each section and show only your strongest work. In my mind if a person is working on a lot of stuff they may not be an expert at any one thing.

Another thing, I cannot see your work because pop-ups are blocked in my browser. Have them open in a new tab. Did you create your portfolio website?

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Then to get your site on the domain, netlify can do it too, read its instructions.

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Most browsers don’t anymore, although they might have an option. A popup is no problem. Also, the browsers don’t block normal modals, if they block something it’ll be something made with alert().

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@Steffan153 Lol. I was wondering if anyone noticed the new porfolio picture. I wish we could upload GIFs, then I would really create something interesting.

Wow, man!
for a first project on Freecodecamp, Awesome job!
For the logo section, maybe animate the shadow darkening when hovered over.
For your graphic images, maybe add a bit of margin and a light border around them.

Keep up the great coding!

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