Portfolio - feedback desired

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


sFallmann | Portfolio

Funny that you say that. I just added it. Didn’t realize I missed that - that being the viewport.

I appreciate your feedback. It’s still a work in progress but it’s mostly how I want it to be.

I’ll consider a different font for the other parts of the page. I’m waiting on feedback from some graphic artist friends to aggregate it all.

Thanks again!

Ok - so…I scaled back my use of box shadow. Love that stuff - but I get that there was some overkill there.
Changed the fonts as suggested.

It does look better. Very good suggestion - I appreciate it.

The vector art will have to wait until I have time to look into that, but I will investigate.

Thanks again,


I know about using shorthand properties - many times I am just testing out specific values to see what it does. My focus has not been the frontend until about a week ago, so I am not great at anticipating what something should do even after reading about it. There’s something to be said about playing around and experimenting.

I took those Udacity courses a while back but don’t remember them going into great detail about anything. It was just a very basic introduction, I’ll take another look-see anyways.

I haven’t copied down all of the resources locally - the site was still on codepen a few hours ago.
Not making excuses but editing in there was a pain in the ass. I’m sure I have all sorts of sloppy crap all over the place.

And I truly appreciate the advice and the time you are taking to help me out. My preceding responses above aren’t complaining or push back, just giving a little context.


Ok - made those changes. Thanks again.

I also took the time to copy all the images down locally to avoid a further rebuke . :wink:
At some point over the next few days I’ll setup bower to install and maintain dependencies.