Portfolio Feedback for Job Applications

Portfolio Feedback for Job Applications
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Hello, campers and alumni. This isn’t really part of the curriculum but figured it made more sense than the getting job category.

I’m looking for input/feedback on my site, ways to improve it. I’m applying to jobs so trying to finalize my stuff. Would love some constructive feedback. I usually just get suggestions. I know I need to upgrade to https, I’m sure there are a few validation errors due to my carelessness. Images are not optimized, stylesheets aren’t minified since I’m still pushing out a lot of updates.

My primary JS file is a bit of a mess as I rolled back some major aspects of my portfolio. The page header is clunky because I recently rollbacked some design I had in place.

Would love some advice on layout/content/navigation and page order.


This is my local development changes to the blog post header…

and changes to the blog post list items.

Also slowly making it more responsive. I usually hear feedback that it isn’t responsive, i don’t understand how. What kind of responsiveness do you feel would be most effective if ou think so, or what would ou like to see?