Portfolio Feedback for my own Personal Portfolio

Would anyone be able to give me some feedback on my portfolio? And maybe anything I might want to add.



It looks really good on mobile. I’m looking on an android device and responsive, clear, easy to use! No complaints or even constructive criticism from my end!

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Thank you very much! I was really worried about the mobile perspective and you really helped me out!

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I am looking through the Chrome Developer tool.

  1. Fully expanded desktop looks good. As soon as the browser shrinks, your image aspect ratio scale out of proportion.

  2. The project links don’t work. I have to go to github first to find the link to the project.

  3. Your projects all look very basic, perhaps they are not finished?
    Nano Education looks like it is HTML/CSS but it is a vue project.

It looks like you have learned a lot of stuff, but your project doesn’t reflect those skills (unless you have more that you haven’t uploaded yet).