Portfolio Feedback for the Geologist

Hey guys,

So I have been working really hard on getting my Portfolio done.
I have some html validations I need to fix. Please see Update below in my latest comment. :cowboy_hat_face:I also still have plenty of mobile clean up to do(margins, text size/ fixing px instead of rem), as well as paragraph shortening, I am also considering doing a burger for the nav at the top. The Certification Progress link is total garbage in mobile also, I will get to that shortly. Just wanted to see what you guys think about the general layout and approach from a design perspective. I also changed the navbar hover affects up quite bit. I had a sort of RGB Fan color scheme going on but had to change that when I got rid of all white text, so that section might be a little repetitive as far as the css goes.

I am treating it like a flashy resume of what I have learned so far cause I am about to start tossing our resumes again once its done, I plan on finishing it up today.

Anyways hope you like it, Took some inspiration from a few folks.


overall, I really like the PF. Mostly because you’re being creative. Now, there are, how to say it, inconsistencies.

Even if most of the components are creative, the website has to be:

  • Responsive
  • Give a sensation of smoothness

And none of those is yet fulfilled. The images’ aspect ratio shouldn’t change, or at least they shouldn’t be stretched etc. But as you wrote, you know it already.

Another suggestion, if you’re using new CSS properties, be aware that not all browsers will support them, and there is an @support rule for that.

caniuse will be your friend too., it is a website where you can get some idea of the browser support for many properties.

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Would you mind elaborating just abit here so I can make sure we are on the same track? I think I know what you mean but I just want to make sure I don’t miss anything. If that is directed towards the Responsive bits I understand.

LOL yes I still have a lot of media quieres to do, my main focus so far has been on getting the content to look good from a design/layout perspective, I will be finishing all the responsive stuff this afternoon.
Didn’t know about the support rule but I will toss that in as well. looks good in edge, I image it breaks to pieces in IE but I do not have IE so Idk just yet.

Thanks for the help man!

Looks way better in Mobile now, Still need to fix the progress page. As always Ipad is my nemesis, but I’ll get it fixed. Still hoping for some more critical feedback as I am sure there is still plenty of clean up to do.