Portfolio feedback guys this is my first portfolio page . how is it?

any feedback guys?


The links in the navigation bar don’t work (href="#").

navbar link for portfolio and contact didnt work. You might want to check the href.

hmm…they are intentionally left blank as it’s just a layout…hahha(what’s about the designing and layout.:sweat_smile::laughing:)

Your page looks nice but your navbar links didn’t work , please i want you to give me your feedbacks here is the link

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Ok, but the assignment said at point 6:

“User Story: I navigate to different sections of the webpage by clicking buttons in the navigation.”

check, now it works. is it fine now?:exploding_head:

The style for your portfolio is awesome, and now that the nav items work it is fully functional!

Good Job Gaurav!

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:+1:t3: Yep, the references work perfectly now.

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Gaurav are you using a hover effect for the picture animation?

yeah , hover effect with transform{

If you want to make that animation smooth you could type this in to the hover call

transition: all ease-in-out 250ms;

you can change the time for the miliseconds to what you want.

surely i"ll check for that…there is one problem with that rotate(360dg) does’nt
work in transform property of image…please help with it
transform: scale(1.2) rotate(360deg);

wait so you are trying to have a smooth animation of 360 degrees?

if so the transform call you are doing is just doing a rotation of 360 degrees that leaves it in the same position and does it so fast that one cannot see the rotation.

So, what can be done? can you help with it

Yea, so you want a rotation of 360 degrees that can be seen right?

if so I’ll look for the correct way to do it

hmm…great help asap

yaen01 it works now thanks…plese could you afford to like it

Alright so if you plug this into the hover call it should work

:hover {
transition: all ease-in-out 250ms;
animation-name: selfie;
animation-duration: 2s;

@-webkit-keyframes selfie {
100% {transform: rotate(360deg);}

Oh nice job, I was just sending how to do it XD