Portfolio feedback. How to get job ready!

First post here but been using freeCodeCamp for about a year. Finished the responsive design certificate and JavaScript algorithms and now have nightmares about Regular expressions but I think I got the hang of them. Anyways… remade my portfolio and wanted to see what you people thought and if you could make some recommendations on what I should add.

Also, don’t really know what I should do next in order to be job ready… anyways thanks for your help!

Portfolio link:

Hi @UncannyValley, your portfolio looks nice but if I may offer some suggestions.

  • make anything that the user clicks open in another tab.
  • the link to your survey form is an expired link
  • I looked at your tribute page and survey form in codepen since you have them in your portfolio.
    • codepen provides validators for HTML, CSS and JS. Click on the down arrow in the upper right of each section and then click on the respective ‘Analyze’ link.
    • there are multiple errors in HTML for both of them. Since you’re highlighting them use the validators to see and then correct those errors.
  • Not sure what the numbering system is that you show for your skills. What is that based on? It’s not measurable. Better to just list what you’re familiar with and let your work speak for itself. As an aside, you list Git. Since you have a link to GitHub in your Contact section is that what you meant in Skills. Git and GitHub are different.

Relatively minor issue: have another look at your about me section. There are some spelling errors there.

You did a great job on choosing the font for this, but what you lack is animation.

Since you are still learning jquery, instead of the hide() and show() functions, use fadeIn(), fadeOut(), slideUp(), and slideDown() to add animations when the different pages are shown and hidden.

Personally, I think that this page is a bit too monochrome. Add some colors.

At all else, great job.

Thanks everyone! I will implement those suggestions and show it how it goes. Thanks!