Portfolio feedback https://shahidkamal.ml/

Hello folks
This is my current portfolio and I kept it pretty basic but after seeing people’s portfolios I feel mine lacks in creativity. Need feedback about how should I put my recent projects and challenges I’ve done like achievements from #100DaysOfCode and #Javascript30 and also my android projects as well.

Url- https://shahidkamal.ml/

why would you say it lacks creativity?
that is actually really cool.
If you want to REALLY add creative stuff, maybe when you hover over the text, it will shift and align differently;
geometric backgrounds;
and whatever else you want!!

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Geometric background one is I’m thinking to add. Would change the projects screen a bit cause current one can’t keep all of the projects I’ve done.
Hover animation would be great.
Thanks for the feedback :blush:

I think this is well executed and is creative in its own right.

I like how your navbar changes colors. Take a look at it when you are scrolling up though, it doesn’t seem to change colors fast enough on the way up when you go from the ‘Projects’ section to the ‘About Me’ section.

For the projects area, here’s some brainstorming for you. I’d definitely make the projects open up in a new tab when they are clicked on, don’t run them on this same page, it’s too busy and small. To fit all your project links in this area with similar cards you could start up a few different carousels… one to hold Android Apps, one to hold Codepen projects, one to hold Javascript challenges, etc… Maybe have them stacked neatly on top of each other or have a way to toggle between them.

Maybe move the twitter, github, etc… up to the ‘About Me’ section somewhere so it has more to it. And rename the ‘Contacts’ section to be called ‘Contact Me’

You left a period off of the last sentence in your ‘About Me’ section.

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@saclark12000 Wow really in depth feedback. I really appreciate it. Thanks alot. Yeah for projects I was thinking to add like a pop out window animation the window would be nearly full screen to show the projects. Carrousel seems nice idea. But have to think of some way to make it look cool.
You’re right about the Contact and About section. Will make changes to those.

Agreed, it does look cool. Especially those input boxes.