Portfolio feedback- if you'd be so kind


Would any of you be so kind as to take a look at my first portfolio site and give me some feedback?


It passed for the certificate but I want to now think about making a new one that’s shinier so any objective feedback would be very welcome :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!

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Horizontal Scrolling! Also, blocks are in general too big, especially About.
Like your font choice. Maybe few neater fonts would be nice for your body contents.

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I agree with lewislee… I like how you chose a handwriting font. A more casual (but easy to read) font for your body contents would match better. Also your header is sometimes hard to read for viewers. Maybe only use this font for your title and pick another font for smaller text.
Also you may want to check how your page performs on different platforms

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for the first section, I would suggest making the text glow or change the background to a geometric background.
the ‘all about me’ section is kinda big. maybe shrink it’s height down a bit.
At all else, that is a really nice portfolio.

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I agree with what’s already been said and would also suggest that the text area at the bottom of the page is too big and the placeholder text should be vertically aligned at the top rather than centered. I like your choice of colors and the the header font. I can tell you’ve worked hard on this and like your about me section. :slightly_smiling_face: