Portfolio Feedback! (igmontero)

Hi ! I just deployed my portfolio and I would love to get some feedback from you!
If you think something could be improved, just tell me.

Website: www.igmontero.com

PS: I already posted this on FreeCodeCamp’s reddit page.

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Boy is this a great site! Really really good! Now just some thoughts that you can consider if you like:

I am on an ipad, and i loved everything but this page.

  • the submit button is not a button and i wanted to click on the red “button” instead.
  • the word email in the form… i am not sure what it is
  • “hit me up” in north america is not very professional way of speaking so i would change that if you think it matters in your area.

Thank you very much! Gonna take a look at that.
By the way, is the form allowing you to write on it?
I just tested the page on my ipad and the form is looking really buggy, don’t know why.

Wow, this is really impressive! My only suggestion about it would be the order of the top 3 navigation buttons. I would change it so the first nav button is Projects because it’ll probably be the first thing a recruiter wants to see. Ps I’m also on an iPad!

Thank you!
Nice observation there, I’ll take a look at it

Nope I wasn’t able to use the form on ipad